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Comments & Reviews

I had never known that Quechua was such a fading language and your presentation/research really showed these aspects. I also recall you saying that the native Quechua speakers were afraid to even speak when the camera was rolling. I cannot even understand how this could come about.

The interviews in your video also captured the different perspectives of the people in the towns and then those in the mountains. It was very enlightening and I felt quite empathetic towards the native speakers. Thank you for showing us your research, it was a real eye-opener!

Gracias, Trish

My name is Penny Petropoulos and I am from Toronto, Canada. I am putting together research on the topic of language revitalisation for Quechua in Peru. I came across a video of your's on youtube regarding your visit to Peru and how you made a documentary.

I found that your story very inspirational and would like to applaud you on your journey and strong cultural values. My mother and father are from small villages in Greece as well and it really touched my heart. I hope justice is served for the millions who still speak the language as it is very important that the language remains strong and long lasting.

Kindest regards,

On behalf of the School, hearty congratulations on your success in winning the Local Filmmakers Award (Sydney Latin American Film Festival 2010) for your film "Quechua: The Fading Inca Language".

Professor Peter Collins
Head, School of Languages and Linguistics
The University of New South Wales, Sydney 2052 NSW

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